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Yankee All-Stars

July 6, 2010

For three days, I managed to not think about sports at all.  I had a long weekend full of fireworks (on three consecutive nights), parties, $20 worth of skee ball, and even a miniature golf game in 90+ degree heat(okay, I thought about sports a little if you count skee ball and mini golf as sports).

I guess I expected a bit more to have happened in the free agency arena…  Since there’s not much to comment on regarding the Sabres, I’ll turn to my favorite news of the weekend- the announcement of the rosters for the MLB All-Star game, or as it is this year, the Yankees vs the National League. 

I’m psyched that Petitte, Sabathia and Hughes are all heading to Anaheim- along with Jeter, Cano, A-Rod and Mo.  Almost all of my favorite Yankees are going, and I’m glad they’re getting to go, but I always looked forward to the All-Star Game as a chance to see guys I don’t watch every night play.  At least my favorite non-Yankee, Joe Mauer, will be there.  And I just read that Cano will be competing in the Home Run Derby.  Since the guy I cheer for during the Derby almost never wins, I think I’m going to say that Cano doesn’t have any shot at winning the Derby (fingers crossed).  The Yankees have pulled out all the stops to get Nick Swisher elected to the final roster spot; I hope he gets to go, after all, he’s got his surfboard and his bags are packed.  Vote for Swish!

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