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Farewell to the Boss and the Voice of Yankee Stadium

July 13, 2010

I had a post written about the Yankees and the All-Star Break and summing up last week’s Sabres news, but then I read news of George Steinbrenner’s death this morning.  That news comes on top of the news of Bob Sheppard’s death on Sunday.  I’m in shock over the loss of two Yankees icons in such a short period of time.

In my opinion (and I’m sure I’m not alone), Mr. Steinbrenner was the best owner a fan could hope for.  He didn’t just demand winning seasons, he demanded championships, and he was willing to pay to get players who could win those championships.  Anything short of winning the World Series was a lost season, and the Yankees won 7 World Series since he took over the team.  Sure, he tended to butt heads with his GMs and managers if the team wasn’t doing well, but as fans, isn’t that what we’d want an owner to do if our team’s not winning- calling out the people responsible and insisting they turn it around?  Year after year, he gave Yankee fans a great team to cheer for, and he will definitely be missed.  Check out his cameo in Seinfeld, and his commercials with Derek Jeter and Billy Martin.

Longtime voice of Yankee Stadium Bob Sheppard was simply a legend.  His voice and style were so distinctive, and he was the PA announcer for so long that whenever anyone else filled in they just sounded weird.  It’s sad to think that his voice will only be heard during Jeter’s at-bats from now on.  I think I’ll be teary eyed every time Jeter comes to the plate at the Stadium for a long time.

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