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The Sabres’ 2010-2011 Season is Finally Here!

October 9, 2010

Last night was the first opening game for me as a Sabres/hockey fan!  The Sabres beat Ottawa, 2-1.  I remember from last season that there was a lot of discussion about how the Sabres have struggled when they play in Ottawa, and I’m glad that they’ve finally put whatever issues they had with Ottawa behind them.  Below are some of my thoughts and reflections on last night’s game- the first game of my first full season as a bona fide fan.  The Sabres are BACK!

Where was the sound on MSG’s HD broadcast?  The picture looked great, and I would have loved to have watched the game in HD.  I (along with at least some other viewers, as I learned on Twitter and from texting friends) had to settle for watching it in standard def on my HD tv.  I have to baby sit my nephew tonight and need to DVR the game (as my brother and sister-in-law don’t have cable- I may need to convince them to fix that if my nephew is going to be a proper sports fan).  Should I take a chance that the HD broadcast will be okay tonight, or DVR the regular broadcast? I have to choose, because the Yankees/Twins game is also on.  If it weren’t quite possible that it will be the last game in their series, I wouldn’t record it, but since it may be the last chance I have to watch the Twins play this year, and my DVR can only record two shows at once, I have to choose which channel to record the Sabres game on.  Decisions, decisions.  On the one hand, I can take a chance on the HD channel, running the risk that I may end up with a soundless (or even pictureless) game, or record the game in standard def and settle for a lousy picture quality.  What was I thinking when I volunteered to baby sit on the night of the Sabres home opener?  It is my brother and sister-in-law’s anniversary weekend, and my nephew is an absolute joy to spend time with, but still.  I must have forgotten that they don’t have cable.  Oh well.  Back to last night’s game.

Roy-Z scored both goals for the Sabres.  Normally, I’d be thrilled that he scored a couple of goals.  But this week, I was kind of hoping that he’d be the only one on the team that has a bad week, as I am going up against his fantasy owner this week.  Ultimately, it was a win for the Sabres which is [slightly] more important than my fantasy team’s success.  I have a fierce competitive streak, though, and even though the fantasy hockey thing is just for fun, I do still want to win.  My fantasy guys put up some decent numbers (nice shutout, Howard!) and I am still winning, but it’s a long week.  If Roy-Z continues on his hot streak, the Dodgy Bobcats could be in trouble.

The new road jerseys are really great- all the guys look totally awesome in them.  The guys will have to be careful that they don’t melt the ice with their newfound hotness.  In my brief tenure as a Sabres fan, I was never anti-slug per se, but now that it’s gone, I definitely don’t want to see it come back. 

One of the common themes in the complaints about last night’s game on Twitter was that the Sabres were taking plenty of shots, but none of them were finding the net.  If the Sabres had scored a few more times off of the million shots they got, the game wouldn’t have been tied when Leoprone handed the puck to Ottawa.  Twitter wants him fired.  Normally, I’d argue that a player should be given at least 3 periods to make a case for not being fired, but last night, I agree with Twitter’s wanting him fired.  He should have had that puck.

The last 20 seconds of the game was perhaps the most exciting/nerve wracking of the night.  A face off in the Sabres end, with only a 1 goal lead?  And then, with 5 seconds or so to go, the puck getting inches from the net with 10 guys in between it and Miller?  I was about to pass out from nerves until Crunchy finally was able to get on top of the puck with about a second left to play.  For those last few seconds, I think I forgot that I wasn’t watching the Bills play.  ‘Cause if it had been the Bills playing, you know they would have blown it in that last 20 seconds.  That puck sitting inches from the goal would have found it’s way in with 2 seconds to go, and Ottawa would have scored again in the last second.  But, thankfully, it was not the Bills playing last night.  It was the Sabres- at least one of Buffalo’s major teams knows how to win.

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