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That was fun! (Sabres/Ducks Recap Part Two)

December 23, 2010

After a great scoring display during the first period of Tuesday night’s game, Caroline and I did not think the rest of the game would be able to match the excitement of the first.  Well, the Sabres accepted the challenge-the puck had barely touched the ice in the second period(it may have still been in the air, actually) before gloves, sticks, helmets and shirts flew across the ice.  It happened so quickly, I think it was McCormick (who wound up half undressed by the time it was over) and Getzlaf going at it.  As Bobcats owner/manager, I was quite pleased that Getzi heeded my instructions to get more penalty minutes.  The manner in which he incurred a 5 minute penalty was so great, that I will overlook his failure to take more than one shot on goal. 

The officials sorted out the first fight, sent the brawlers to the box, and the remaining players waited a few seconds (about 5) before another fight ensued.  (Seriously, you could hear the effort the arena announcer was exerting to say the time of the penalties with a straight face “Time of penalty- 1 second” “Time of penalty- 6 seconds”.)  Gloves and helmets flew again- the players did manage to keep their shirts on for the second fight.    The second fight was Goose and whoever is #28 on the Ducks.  I know this because I was thinking “both 28s are duking it out”.  (I just looked it up, and the Ducks player involved in the second skirmish was Kyle Chipchura.)

The play stayed fight free for about another 9.5 minutes, at which point Weber decided to take on Parros (remember my thoughts during warm ups that I hoped Parros didn’t hurt any Sabres?)- wow, Weber, just wow.  That was either incredibly ballsy or incredibly stupid.  I’ll give Weber the benefit of the doubt and just call it ballsy.

Oh yeah, in between the second and third fights, TEnnis managed to score another goal.  And Montador incurred a cross-checking penalty.  But neither of those really compared to the entertainment factor that the 2nd period’s three fights had. 

The third period was relatively tame, compared to the first and second periods.  The shutout was blown with a bit less than 5 minutes to go, and the Ducks scored a second goal a little bit later, but Rivet did manage to score his first goal of the season during the third.  He got a respectable cheer from the crowd.  I had a good view of his face when he scored the goal, and it looked like finally scoring a goal lifted a huge weight off of him, as a wave of relief seemed to wash over his face.

At some point during the third, Caroline and I even made it up on the giant HD screen, although it was only because the girls in front of us were doing some crazy dancing.  And, to cap off the night, the DJ played “Sweet Caroline” (which is Caroline’s song, despite the fact that she hates it because her name isn’t actually Caroline), and Leslie, Eileen and I all sang along in honor of Caroline’s big birthday.

I know the Sabres should have won that game anyway, as the Ducks were at the end of their East Coast road trip, but the game was still fun to watch.  I’m glad I got to go.  It was a great way to spend Caroline’s 40th birthday.

I can’t wait to go to another game.  Anyone have a spare ticket?

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