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“Here we go again, Katie.”

February 5, 2011

That’s what my grandpa would always say to me everytime the Bills or Yankees would get off to a great start in a game and then start to blow it. He’d say it with a sigh, in a tone that conveyed that he expected the team to blow their lead and lose the game. Particularly since the Yankees were only so-so the last few seasons that Gramps was around for and the Bills are, well, the Bills, this was a phrase I heard all too often.

The Sabres this season have often made me think of that. How many games this season (take last night for example- they were amazing for the 1st period) have they gotten off to a great start and then blown it entirely in the second and/or third period? I haven’t been keeping track. So last night, when the second period of the Sabres/Pens game started going as it did, I heard in my head my grandpa’s voice saying “Here we go again, Katie.”

Grandpa would always caution me not to get excited when the Bills scored first, or went into halftime (or the 4th quarter, for that matter) leading, or when the Yankees batted around in the first inning or had less than a 4 run leading heading into the 6th. His 9 decades of sports fandom had taught him to keep an even keel. Don’t get too excited about the good games/plays, and the bad games/plays are not as disappointing.

He tried to pass this on to me, and I stubbornly refused to think that way for the longest time. I finally started thinking that way about the Bills, and then the Yankees. When the 2010-2011 season started for the Sabres, though, I refused to want to think that way. As a newly minted fan, I wanted to get excited for the team. I honestly did not think they could possibly let me down. Heh. Oh well. I’ve mostly come around now. I even found myself tweeting in response to Katebits suggesting that the Sabres were awesome after their performance in the 1st period last night “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” I’ve turned into my grandpa. And I think it may be for the best. At least I’ll be less vulnerable to disappointment. I wasn’t disappointed last night, because I expected the team to blow it (although I was still hoping that they’d turn it around).

And for the record, my grandpa is the only one who I let call me Katie. If you call me Katie, I will have to hurt you. You’ve been warned.

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