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Screw this not getting my hopes up stuff…

February 16, 2011

After a game like last night’s (that was the awesomest shootout I’ve ever seen- ignore the fact that I’ve only seen, well, 5 of them in my one season as a fan), and the games against Toronto, Tampa Bay and Florida, I’m giving myself permission to throw my grandpa’s advice out the window and expect the Sabres to win each and every game from here on out. One disappointing game out of 5 isn’t too bad.

My grandpa’s low expectations approach came from being among those in Brooklyn who had their hearts trampled on and tossed aside by the Dodgers leaving town for LA. I have not had to experience that level of disappointment (although, perhaps, watching your favorite football team lose 4 consecutive Super Bowls and then slowly spiral to the NFL basement could come close). The good news is, the Sabres are NOT the Bills. I will remain excited for them each and every game for at least the foreseeable future.

Drew Stafford is making a serious run to claim the still to be determined title of my favorite Sabre. Certain factors (such as he’s pretty good trade bait right now, could very well sign somewhere else next year even if he’s not traded, and how do we really know if this is the new Drew we’re seeing or just another demonstration of his frustrating inconsistency) are hampering my ability to declare him my outright favorite, but he’s definitely earned a spot in the running.

The Sabres ROCK!

Sidenote:  Monday marks the one year anniversary of the day that I became a hockey fan for life(USA v. Canada Round 1). Hockey is truly awesome. I’m really bummed it took me so long to find out.

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