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The chair's definitely seen some better days, but it's still the best seat in the house.

This blog is dedicated to my late Grandpa Bob (who, along with his chair, inspired this blog).  He taught me to love the Yankees, supported me in my love of the Bills, and had he been a hockey fan, I’m sure he would have helped foster my Sabres fandom as well.  He had his chair for 20+ years, and I watched countless Yankees and Bills games sitting next to him in the chair.

I am a newly minted Sabres fan, having jumped on the bandwagon after watching the Olympic hockey tournament and realizing hockey is AWESOME (please forgive me for the years I thought it was lame).  After falling hard for the Sabres at the end of the 2009-2010 season, this blog’s primary purpose will be to chronicle my first full season as a Sabres fan.

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