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That game isn’t even worth writing about…

October 13, 2010

But I will anyway.

Wow.  That was the most boring hockey game I’ve seen, and more boring even than most of the baseball games I’ve seen.  Granted, I haven’t been a hockey fan for long, and don’t have a huge sample size of games to compare it to, but the Devils and Sabres tonight looked like zombies. 

I probably could have changed the channel at any point during tonight’s game, but I guess I was hoping that the Sabres would suddenly wake up and start playing a real game.  I want the last two and a half hours of my life back.


Get Well Soon, Pommerdoodle!

October 12, 2010

Last night was the first time in my admittedly short time as a hockey fan that I had to see a player get taken off the ice on a stretcher.  The hit to Pominville and subsequent carrying him off of the ice was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen as a sports fan, second only to watching Kevin Everett get hit and carried off the field in 2007.   

Thankfully, word came during the second period that Pommer has a concussion, but did not need to go to the hospital.  I realize that hockey is a violent sport, and injuries happen.  I hope, though, that it’s a long time before I have to see something like that again, if ever. 

I’m glad you’re going to be okay, Pommerdoodle.  Get well soon!

The Sabres’ 2010-2011 Season is Finally Here!

October 9, 2010

Last night was the first opening game for me as a Sabres/hockey fan!  The Sabres beat Ottawa, 2-1.  I remember from last season that there was a lot of discussion about how the Sabres have struggled when they play in Ottawa, and I’m glad that they’ve finally put whatever issues they had with Ottawa behind them.  Below are some of my thoughts and reflections on last night’s game- the first game of my first full season as a bona fide fan.  The Sabres are BACK!

Where was the sound on MSG’s HD broadcast?  The picture looked great, and I would have loved to have watched the game in HD.  I (along with at least some other viewers, as I learned on Twitter and from texting friends) had to settle for watching it in standard def on my HD tv.  I have to baby sit my nephew tonight and need to DVR the game (as my brother and sister-in-law don’t have cable- I may need to convince them to fix that if my nephew is going to be a proper sports fan).  Should I take a chance that the HD broadcast will be okay tonight, or DVR the regular broadcast? I have to choose, because the Yankees/Twins game is also on.  If it weren’t quite possible that it will be the last game in their series, I wouldn’t record it, but since it may be the last chance I have to watch the Twins play this year, and my DVR can only record two shows at once, I have to choose which channel to record the Sabres game on.  Decisions, decisions.  On the one hand, I can take a chance on the HD channel, running the risk that I may end up with a soundless (or even pictureless) game, or record the game in standard def and settle for a lousy picture quality.  What was I thinking when I volunteered to baby sit on the night of the Sabres home opener?  It is my brother and sister-in-law’s anniversary weekend, and my nephew is an absolute joy to spend time with, but still.  I must have forgotten that they don’t have cable.  Oh well.  Back to last night’s game.

Roy-Z scored both goals for the Sabres.  Normally, I’d be thrilled that he scored a couple of goals.  But this week, I was kind of hoping that he’d be the only one on the team that has a bad week, as I am going up against his fantasy owner this week.  Ultimately, it was a win for the Sabres which is [slightly] more important than my fantasy team’s success.  I have a fierce competitive streak, though, and even though the fantasy hockey thing is just for fun, I do still want to win.  My fantasy guys put up some decent numbers (nice shutout, Howard!) and I am still winning, but it’s a long week.  If Roy-Z continues on his hot streak, the Dodgy Bobcats could be in trouble.

The new road jerseys are really great- all the guys look totally awesome in them.  The guys will have to be careful that they don’t melt the ice with their newfound hotness.  In my brief tenure as a Sabres fan, I was never anti-slug per se, but now that it’s gone, I definitely don’t want to see it come back. 

One of the common themes in the complaints about last night’s game on Twitter was that the Sabres were taking plenty of shots, but none of them were finding the net.  If the Sabres had scored a few more times off of the million shots they got, the game wouldn’t have been tied when Leoprone handed the puck to Ottawa.  Twitter wants him fired.  Normally, I’d argue that a player should be given at least 3 periods to make a case for not being fired, but last night, I agree with Twitter’s wanting him fired.  He should have had that puck.

The last 20 seconds of the game was perhaps the most exciting/nerve wracking of the night.  A face off in the Sabres end, with only a 1 goal lead?  And then, with 5 seconds or so to go, the puck getting inches from the net with 10 guys in between it and Miller?  I was about to pass out from nerves until Crunchy finally was able to get on top of the puck with about a second left to play.  For those last few seconds, I think I forgot that I wasn’t watching the Bills play.  ‘Cause if it had been the Bills playing, you know they would have blown it in that last 20 seconds.  That puck sitting inches from the goal would have found it’s way in with 2 seconds to go, and Ottawa would have scored again in the last second.  But, thankfully, it was not the Bills playing last night.  It was the Sabres- at least one of Buffalo’s major teams knows how to win.

Yankees and Twins, ALDS Game 1- I’ve been waiting for this since May

October 6, 2010

Just two days are left until the Sabres start their 2010-2011 campaign in Ottawa.  I’ve been excitedly reading any and all news that I’ve been able to find, as well as other blog posts offering previews for the upcoming season and analysis of the preseason games and practices.  I can hardly wait for game time on Friday! 

While I am waiting, I have post season baseball to take in.  I’ll be watching the Yankees take on the Twins at Target field tonight and rooting for the Twins.  No, you read that right.  I said I’ll be rooting for the Twins.  I have finally come to terms with the fact that my heart is no longer devoted solely to the Yankees.  If my grandpa were still around, I’m sure I’d be breaking his heart with this news.  But I can’t change how I feel about the Twins, and I really want to see them do well this post season.

I started watching the Twins this season after the All-Star break.  MLB Extra Innings offered a few days of free service, and I was taken in by the Twins.  To be honest, I watched them only because of Joe Mauer.  But then, I started to grow attach to the rest of them, too.  It helped that a few of them had been called up from Rochester, and I can’t help but be a fan of Red Wings who get called up.  (Except it means the Red Wings suck if too many of them get called up to Minnesota, but I was able to live with it because they were helping the Twins win.)  By the end of the Extra Innings free trial period, I was hooked.  I ordered Extra Innings and followed the Twins down the stretch.  I have even started to forgive Carl Pavano for being a complete waste as a Yankee, watching him do well with the Twins.  (I did only say I’ve started to forgive him, though- I’m still a little bitter over him getting so much money from the Yankees all those years and never actually making a meaningful contribution.  As a Twin, though, he’s not too bad.) 

Don’t get me wrong- the Yankees are my first baseball love, and I can’t let go of the pinstripe pride that my Grandpa passed on to me.  I’ve actually been going through a bit of an identity crisis over my sudden strong appreciation for the Twins.  But, I’ve decided that there’s room in this baseball fan’s heart for more than one team, and the Twins have moved in to take their place.  I’m rooting for the Twins to win the ALDS for several reasons, but the main ones are  a) they should get to break in their new park with a World Series, just like the Yanks did last year and b) I think they’re just due to finally beat the Yankees in the ALDS.  That, and after seeing their commercial the other day announcing that the entire team is their MVP because they did it together, I just can’t help but want them to win it all this year.

One hour to go until first pitch.  Go Twins! (Sorry, Grandpa.)

The top of the first inning made me realize I’m not completely rooting for the Twins, as their success would mean the Yankees lose.  Span just led off the bottom of the first with a single…  I cheered for him, but was bummed that Jeter, Swish and Tex all made outs in the first inning.  ooh, Mauer’s up… gotta stop typing… darn, he struck out.  Where was I? Right, I am very conflicted over this game.  Although I’ll be happy whichever team wins, I’ll still be bummed that the other team loses.  I’m pretty sure that I want the Twins to win more than I want the Yankees to win, though.  [Note to TBS: that extreme close up of Gardy you showed in the bottom of the first looked sort of scary on my HDTV…  I don’t think anyone should be shot that closely in HD.  I mean, that was an absurdly close shot.]

Now that the second inning is well under way, I’ve decided that I want this series to go to 5 games.  And they all should be really close games.  Also, trying to write at the same time I’m watching is too distracting (i.e. how did Posada just get on?), so I’m going to put my computer away and focus on the game.  I’m still going to say “Go Twins!”

Best of the 2009-2010 Sabres

September 4, 2010

MSG recently announced that they’ll be showing 8 of the Sabres’ best games from 2009-2010 in September.  7 of them are from before I saw the light and became a hockey fan, so even though the new season doesn’t officially start for another month, I can watch new-to-me hockey in the meantime.  YAY!

My Two Cents

September 4, 2010

A lot of people have weighed in on the MSM v. Blogger debate. I majored in communication in my undergraduate studies, and journalism classes were part of my major. The main thing I took from those classes is that journalism should be free from bias or even the appearance of bias. “Journalists” should not put their own opinion into a news piece, otherwise what they write is no longer true journalism. What gets me is when I read a piece of so-called “journalism”, and it is laced with the writer’s opinion. If I want opinion, I read blogs. I turn to MSM to get facts and news the way I learned it should be written. The only place where opinions belong is in editorials, columns (so long as the writer clearly identifies it as opinion), and, yes, in blogs.

Avoiding the appearance of bias is important, too. The other night, watching the Bills play the Lions, the broadcast team was joined by the “lead journalist” for the Bills‘ website. It makes sense that a website would have a lead content writer, providing info about the subject of the website. It makes even more sense for a sports team to have a lead content writer covering the team and providing fans with an inside look at the team. But that writer is being paid by the team, and that writer is not a “journalist”. Journalists are those who get paid by outside news publications to cover the team. If they’re getting paid by the team they’re writing for, it’s not journalism.

I started a blog because I wanted to share my opinion, not because I want to gain access to the Sabres‘ press box. I have no desire to be a journalist- I just want to write. And that’s what blogs are for. So, MSM writers, go ahead and call yourself journalists- just as long as you don’t show bias. Bloggers, continue writing whatever you want.

(Completely on a different subject, I’m watching MLB Network right now, and they’re covering the Nyjer Morgan fight/suspension. Here’s the quote they have from Morgan on the suspension: “Man, they threw the book at me. What did I do? I feel I haven’t done anything. They are blowing this way out of proportion because I’m a hard-nosed player…I don’t understand what I did wrong to get an 8-game suspension. They make it seem like I’m Mike Tyson.” You started a fight, and you play baseball, not hockey. That’s why you got suspended. They came down hard on others involved in the fight, too- you got a longer suspension because you started it. But, I want to thank you for bringing some fighting action to my currently hockey-less days. Just don’t whine about the suspension.)


August 3, 2010

So yesterday Twitter was abuzz with news that local boy Tim Kennedy was waived after being awarded $200K more in arbitration than the Sabres were willing to pay.  And today brings news of former Caps defenseman Shaone Morrisonn being signed for two years.  Referring back to my second post ever (Hockey’s first day of free agency, and I have no clue), before yesterday I was just beginning to think I had this whole free agency thing figured out.  Now, it seems I still have absolutely no clue.  It also appears that I’m not alone in the confusion about what the Sabres are thinking with the TK waiver/Shaone signing, either.  By all counts, Buffalo now has too many defensemen and not enough forwards.  I may be new to the game of hockey, but I’m pretty sure you have to be able to score some goals in order to win games.  WTF Darcy?  I’m so confused.  And upset that local boy TK is being waived.  Mostly just confused.  Darcy better have a darn good explanation for waiving Kennedy.